Sunday, March 7, 2010

Holy Millions, Batman!

Last year, a copy of the first Superman comic sold for $317,200. Now a copy of the 1939 comic where Batman made his debut sold for more than $1 million! The buyer remains anonymous, it was sold at a Dallas auction house. This purchase of Detective Comics No. 27 broke all kinds of records. A couple days ago, another copy of the 1938 edition of Action Comics No 1, featuring Superman on the cover, also sold for $1 million. But this recent purchase of the Batman copy has beaten that record.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Twitter Background Dimensions

I wanted to re-tweek my twitter profile's background (for my daytime job) recently. I scoured the web for the background dimensions but didn't find one that worked for me. I tested a few sizes and came up with one that worked well.

Dimensions: 1280 px x 800 px, 72 dpi
Branding/design area: Start from 0.2 inches off the left side and end it at 3.7 inches from the left.
Start from 0.2 inches from the top.

I only used the left side of the profile for the designs so you'll have to experiment with the right side, but it probably is around the same dimensions.

Here is the example:

Remember, how it looks depends on what kind of resolution you set for your screen. If anyone has different ideas, feel free to leave a comment.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sex Club Opens in Art Gallery

The Secession is a world-renowned venue for contemporary art in Vienna. Currently they have installed "Element 6," a sex club that's part of a project by Swiss artist Christoph Buechel.

The club only opens during afterhours. The art hall is decked out in mattresses, erotic pictures, bars, whirlpools and non-working saunas in dimly lit rooms. It all leads to Gustav Klimt's "Beethoven Frieze," (shown here) located in the basement of the building.

"Beethoven Frieze" was first exhibited in 1902 and was considered as obscene and pornographic. Naturally it fits perfectly with Element6.

Buechel aims to cause a large scandal but no one is shocked - merely amused. Of course, there are some controversy from Australia's far-right Freedom Party. The point of the project was "to give as many people as possible the opportunity to overcome their inhibitions."

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dig Up Leornardo Da Vinci's Corpse

Italian scientists are asking permission to dig up Da Vinci's bones in hopes to reconstruct his face to discover if the masterpiece Mona Lisa is actually a disguised self portrait. Da Vinci is believed to be resting at Amboise Castle in the Loire Valley, where he died in 1519.

As everyone knows, the identity of Mona Lisa remains a mystery. Some scholars believe that due to Da Vinci's alleged homosexuality and love for puzzles, he painted himself as a woman. French cultural officials already agreed to exhumed Da Vinci's remains.

One of the reasons Mona Lisa is such a masterpiece is its mystery. How about we leave the dead alone and let Da Vinci rest in peace, not in pieces.

Museum Goer Rips Picasso Painting!

A woman visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC accidentally lost her balance and fell into a Picasso painting, leaving a six inch gash. The six-feet tall painting is the 1904-1905 work, "The Actor" and it's worth about $130 million. The painting is now removed for repairs (always wondered how these kind of things get repaired).

So the question is - did this woman get any repercussion for ruining a $130 million painting?